Hank Clark


CSO Group

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Hank is strong leader with a track record in client delivery excellence, creativity and transformation. He takes a pragmatic approach to enabling client outcomes, building strong internal and client relationships based on trust, active engagement and quality delivery.

Hank’s excellent interpersonal skills allow him to bridge the gap between business, technology and risk. His ability to communicate complex security/technical issues to a variety of stakeholders is key to building good working relationships and achieving successful outcomes.

Hank has a broad range of technical skills to support his business and security expertise. This breadth of experience provides Hank with the knowledge and understanding to assist his clients across the entire business issue, inclusive of business outcomes, planning, processes, people and technology.
Hank is registered through the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) Information Security Registered Assessors Programme (I-RAP) and has experience in performing Gateway and ICT systems certification assessments against the relevant Australian Government security standards and the ASD checklists.

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