Mark Sayer

Mark Sayer

Former Head of Security Strategy & Architecture


Mark is a respected IT security professional with over 20 years of experience across a diverse range of roles, organisations and industries. He has held a number of security architecture and strategy roles since joining NAB in 2006. 

Formerly, as Head of Security Strategy and Architecture at NAB, Mark has helped mature the strategic focus of security within the bank while leading the Security Strategy & Architecture team through a difficult period of change and tackling some challenging technological security issues within the bank.

As a leader, Mark focuses on providing his people with clarity of vision and purpose and empowering them to get on with the job at hand. Mark believes the highest levels of performance are achieved when people feel challenged, are supported and can work together effectively as a team. 

As a security professional, Mark believes that to remain effective, the IT security function must evolve into a more integral part of the business. As such, he is committed to advancing the professional discipline and maturity of IT security both within his organisation and across his peer group.

Personally, Mark is an enthusiastic, energetic and fun individual who actively seeks the adventure that comes with operating outside his comfort zone.