Mathew Finch

Mathew Finch

Head of Emerging Technology

Mathew is based out in Newcastle, Australia and is an experienced technology leader, passionate about breaking new ground through emerging technologies.

Currently, he is the Head of Emerging Technology for nib health funds and its associated group businesses, providing strategic thinking and thought leadership across a range of emerging technologies such as AI & ML, Health & Biotech, IoT, Cloud, and Blockchain and the way in which they could have an application across the business, with a focus on solving customer problems over predefined solutions.

He is driving a culture of experimentation through build, measure, learn approaches with a focus on incremental improvements and developing continuous learning patterns.

Appearing at
Future of Insurance Sydney
7 March 2019
  • Hilton Sydney
At the crossroads of change, innovations in digital technology are redefining core insurance products and service offerings. Driving agility, new digital ecosystem, building trust and enhancing personalised customer experience are sitting high on the leadership team agendas. Join us at...