Michael Healy

Smart Christchurch Programme Manager

Christchurch City Council

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Michael’s interest in the use of technology and innovation to make improvements for business and the community has underpinned his work across both public and private sectors. He is focused on finding solutions and developing new ideas in partnership with the community that make a real impact in the region and around the country. Christchurch is a leader in New Zealand innovation and, through the Christchurch City Council’s Smart Christchurch programme, Michael is excited to play a part in making Christchurch a better place to be.

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6th Annual FST Government South Australia 2022
29 Speakers
6 Sponsors
Dr Paul Cooper
Department of Health and Human Services
Hon Emily Bourke MLC
Australian Labor Party
Julia Waddington-Powell
South Australian Fire and Emergency Services Commission (SAFECOM)
Rob Elliott
SA Ambulance Service
David Morris
SA Health
Michael Healy
Christchurch City Council
Executive Think Tank | Realising the Outcomes of Improved Services, Capabilities, and Agility
Technology Keynote
Data Panel | The Future of Data in the South Australian Public Sector: Bridging Skills, Technology and Accessibility
Cyber Security Panel | Cyber Security Evolutions: Enhancements for the Benefit of Public Sector and its Citizens
Networking Drinks
FST Gov NZ Local
22 September - 22 September 2021
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