Richard Harrison

Richard Harrison

Chief Information Security Officer

Richard is an accomplished strategic, forward-thinking IT Security Professional and Digital Business Leader with 16 years of senior and board-level experience including security management, compliance, risk assessment, policy improvement, reporting and strategic input. He has a unique blend of business and IT management experience gained in customer driven technology-focused businesses.

At healthAlliance, Richard is focused on building an information security transformation strategy and programme designed to embed robust and effective governance over cybersecurity and risk; improve visibility into our environment and know the unknown; ensure security by design from initiation, design, build and operate; excel in the basic areas of security hygiene and ensure we communicate, educate and build awareness of cybersecurity risks changing behaviours and culture as a consequence.

He has extensive experience in leading change that is adaptive, integral and emergent based on data and knowledge not reactive, utilising strategy and digital technology to achieve secure innovation and growth. His approach is to motivate people by creating work environments that are intrinsically satisfying. He encourages independent decisions based on information and knowledge and puts authority in the frontline by integrating decision-making within the workflow.

Appearing at
9 April 2019
  • Hilton Auckland
The 2nd Annual Future of Security, Auckland Conference 2019 will deliberate the latest cyber security insights and solutions for the New Zealand financial services industry.