Rob Burden

Head of Marketing

Latitude Financial Services

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Rob Burden is currently Head of Digital Marketing Delivery at Latitude and has over 20 years experience building data driven customer experiences. He is responsible for evolving Latitude’s customer experiences to be machine driven, omnichannel and personalised at scale, with a dual purpose of driving growth and improving the customer experience.

Rob started his career in London in the post crash working for a number of tech start ups including his own digital music e-comm business before moving into performance focused digital agencies before moving client-side, specialising in retail and financial services.

Prior to joining Latitude, Rob held multiple roles at NAB including leading their Personalisation practice, delivering personalisation at scale across online and offline channels.

Rob is passionate about leading teams and creating a culture that thrives on learning and collaboration. With the advancements in machine learning/AI, connected data, experience delivery platforms and connected devices, Rob believes our ability to create an ecosystem of truly relevant and engaging interactions has never been greater, as long as we build the capability in our teams to harness the continual technological advancement that are occurring at speed.

Rob is also passionate about cycling very long distances and ice baths. He will be happy to discuss either at length in addition to all things martech with any conference participants.

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