Rochelle Barrow

Rochelle Barrow

Group Manager, Data and Information Stewardship
Ministry of Education

Rochelle has a passion for data and currently leads the Data and Information Stewardship group at the Ministry of Education. 

As a trained economist Rochelle first joined Statistics NZ and led the production of some of New Zealand’s most important economic statistics.  In this role Rochelle became aware of the many challenges people face when they want to use data to make more informed decisions. 

Through the global financial crisis, in her role as the Manager of the Statistics Unit at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Rochelle saw the true value of data in action.  She is a firm believer in the potential for data to contribute to better outcomes for New Zealanders.

Building on the knowledge and insights she has gained through her career, Rochelle has recently joined the Ministry of Education, where she is focussed on getting the maximum value for learners, teachers, and education leaders from the wealth of data that is created throughout the education system.