Shirley McIntyre

Chief Digital Officer


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Shirley is a certified Scaled Agilist and digital advocate. Her architecture background leans toward strategy and using architectural frameworks as tools that help with thinking through ways to approach business problems. She is a huge advocate for the Lean/Agile mindset – what it can do for the way in which collaboration, connections and ideas can be harnessed. 

Shirley has specialist knowledge of digital technologies, strategic frameworks and use enterprise architecture techniques to work with business executives to shape and lead transformational change enabled through technology. This style allows organisations to meet strategic goals and position themselves for the future, whilst safeguarding operational integrity.

Shirley has 15 years of working in digital leadership roles, not just delivering results but influencing boards, industry peers, executive teams to maximise their IT capability and achieve better outcomes for customers. She has a deep technology experience and knowledge across all IT disciplines and especially strong vendor management experience – ensuring sound commercial practice.

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