Simon Herbert

Simon Herbert

Chief Data Officer
Department of Customer Service

Simon has worked for the NSW DAC for over two years. He has been instrumental in transformation of the DAC to an agile culture.

Simon and his team have built an advanced analytics platform in the commercial cloud which delivers the necessary functionality and scalability to support Customer Service department and NSW Government as a whole.

Simon has over 20 years experience in data, technology and transformation in 7 different countries and has worked for companies such as Macquarie, Westpac, HSBC, IBM and Motorola

Appearing at
NSW Government Event
2 June 2022
  • Hilton Sydney
With focus now set on the revised pillars of 2022’s Beyond Digital strategy; shifting to greater customer centricity, enhancing data insights, and uplifting the Digital Economy, the NSW Government’s Budget dedication of $2.1 billion for digital investment comes as no...
NSW Government Event
4 November - 5 November 2020
  • Virtual Conference
NSW boldly proclaims itself the ‘Premier State’ – as the country’s preeminent digital innovator, this foremost boast rings no truer. Among the first states in Australia to embrace wholesale digital transformation, including the pioneering rollout of Service NSW – the...