Warwick Merry

Warwick Merry

Master of Ceremonies

Warwick Merry is a Certified Speaking Professional, twice Certified Virtual Presenter, the 2021 Global Outstanding Intrapreneur, the 2022 recipient of the PSA Nevin Award and 2022 Breakthrough Speaker of the Year award for his work in the virtual arena.

With over 20 years working as an Event Host/MC he knows what it takes to engage and energise an audience regardless of whether it is face to face, online or hybrid.

He is one part Technologist, one part Cat Herder, one part Ringmaster, one part Voice of God, one part Control Freak, one part Comedian, and many parts Human. Warwick is the spark that ignites the event, the glue that holds all the pieces together and the conduit of your brand voice.

Warwick is an event professional that brings energy, humour and professionalism to the fore to make your event awesome.

Appearing at
Future of Financial Services, Melbourne
20 July 2022
  • Crown Towers Melbourne
With an unrivalled assembly of financial services executives and digital leaders from Victoria and across the globe, our Future of Financial Services, Melbourne conference is back and better than ever in 2022. FST is proud to host an event at...