Chee Wai Yap

General Manager - Information & Communication Technology Department / Johor Port

Chee Wai has 24 years of experience in ICT industry. He started his career as a COBOL programmer on Wang Computer, expand his knowledge to the Departmental Client/Server technology in the 1980’s, Internet and Java technology in the 1990’s, up to the recent Cloud Computing, Mobile, Broadband, WebServices and RFID technology. His main expertise is in the system integration, network, middleware, web and mobile technologies especially in software integration, and turning business strategy and vision into realities through the use of ICT.

In Johor Port, he is the Head of ICT, responsible for information communication technology throughout the organization, transformation of ICT to provide the competitive edge to the business, and for all facets of information communication technology management and control, including strategic planning, supervision of ICT employees, budget preparation and management, recommendations for ICT solutions, stakeholder management, and development of guidelines, standards and procedures.

Prior to joining Johor Port, he is the Head of Sub Domain SDP for Ericsson – Media & Application Competency Domain for Region Southeast Asia & Ocenia (RASO)(South East Asia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Australia and New Zealand). He is accountable for the inception and Go to Market strategies of Solution & Framework (SDP / Service Enablement, TV, Mobile Advertising, SOA, Cloud Computing, Mediation / Integration, VAS Transformation, Customer Experience), SI delivery Framework, ensuring consistent project delivery, driving dimensioning and optimization of delivery capacity for sub domain.

Prior to Ericsson, he is the Deputy Head of IT and Head of Delivery for YTL Communication, with key responsibility is to lead the IT Team to deliver the OSS, BSS, SDP and other IT Systems for YTL Communications in accordance to company GTM (Go to Market) strategy and direction. YTL Communications is one of the main 4G Wimax Telco Operators in Malaysia, and Telco arm of the YTL Corporation. He is also the Chief Architect responsible for the overall IT Blueprint and Architecture and part of the strategic planning team that strategize and finalize the Go-to-Market Strategies.

Before YTL Communication, he is engaged as Head of Sun Microsystems System Practice. Key responsibilities are to develop go-to-Market Strategies and Solutions Framework for Systems Products and Services, Manage Systems revenue, and overall systems product portfolio for Sun in Malaysia

Prior to joining Sun Microsystems, he is one of the founders for InfoIntact Sdn Bhd – a startup consultancy firm focusing on Mobile Marketing, Mobile Contents and Apps, and System & Application Integration.

Prior to the Startup, he is with BEA Systems, as one of the pioneer and technical lead to start the BEA Office in Malaysia. BEA Systems is an US company  providing distributed computing and SOA platforms for the E-Business and vertical industries (Telco, Banking, Logistics, Port, etc) including Tuxedo and Weblogic range of products.

He was working for Sun Microsystems, Inc. for 5 years prior to joining BEA, as SE Manager, IT Architect and Java Evangelist. Chee Wai had worked closely with customer to create the future proof IT Architecture and had been involved in Java related projects in term of designing, architecting and implementation. He had also involved in the key financial portal projects for major local financial institutions including MayBank2U, CIMB and RHB.

Prior to joining Sun, he spent 5 years in Hewlett Packard, as a Senior System Engineer of System Support Organization, in which he is tasked to lead a team of System Engineers which support hardware and software support (including networking products from HP and Third Party like Cisco). He was always viewed by the Junior engineers and the management as the last resort in solving any problem even on product that he has no experience on. He was viewed by the peers as the expert on Unix, networking technologies and infrastructure, HP OpenView. While in HP, he had managed and implemented a number of large network and system infrastructure projects.

Chee Wai earned a B.Sc. and a B.E.(Honours) from Monash University, Victoria, Australia.