Chris Hamilton

Chief Executive Officer / Australian Payments Clearing Associations (APCA)

Chris Hamilton has been Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Payments Clearing Association (APCA) since 2006. APCA is the selfregulatory body and industry association for Australian payments. It provides the venue for banks, non-bank financial institutions, large merchants and many others engaged in the Australian payments system to work together on its efficient operation and future enhancement. Prior to this appointment, Chris spent 11 years at the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) in a variety of strategic and management roles. He worked at the ASX throughout the transition from a stockbrokers’ mutual into the world’s first self-listed stock exchange. While there, he was responsible for the Australian equities settlement system and for the establishment of the Australian Clearing House for Australian equities and derivatives. Chris has served on the Board of Austraclear (formerly the Australian debt security depository), and as Vice Chairman of CCP-12, the industry association of the world’s clearing houses. He started working life as a commercial lawyer.