Dato' Mohd Ali Hanafiah Mohd Yunus

Chief Officer Communication, Digital Services and Standards Sector / Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC)

Dato' Ali was the Senior Director for Content, Consumer and Network Security Division at MCMC before he was reappointed as Senior Director for the Technology, Standards and Network Division, dealing and handling issues related to communications and multimedia infrastructure, as well as standards development. He was involved in the high-speed broadband rollout in Malaysia, and was instrumental in the implementation of weireless infrastructure, such as towers and structures, managing local authority issues, QoE and QoS issues, health and radition. From 2010 - 2015, he was promoted to Chief Officer Industry Development, responsible for overseeing spectrum planning, industry development, broadband initiatives and rollout, DTT implementation / ASO, content / apps development, policy development and rural development / universal serice provisioning.

In his current role as Chief Officer Communications and Digital Ecosystem, he is responsible for digital communities, infrastructure, e-commerce and postal, public service delivery, technology and society.