Dr Vladas Leonas

Director, Infrastructure and Operations / University of NSW

Dr Vladas Leonas has an outstanding academic and professional background in computer science and communications. He has been recognised throughout the world in this field.  He has managed R&D, Projects, Strategy Development, Implementation, as well as Systems Development and Service Delivery in the ICT, telecommunications, public service, academia, government business enterprises, financial services and gaming industries and has a proven track record of successful delivery on time and within budget. Formally trained in Prince-2, CMM/CMMI, ISO 9001 auditing, ITIL and AS/NZS 7799 – ISO 27001. Vladas is a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society; he is also a Fellow of Engineers Australia.

Vladas has authored and co-authored over 50 publications, been asked to present at a number of international conferences and served on a number of international boards, including EurOPEN and Global Chipcard Alliance.

Vladas was born in Moscow.  In 1980 he graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute with a degree equivalent to an MSc in Computer Science and was immediately offered a PhD scholarship.  He completed his thesis and became a PhD in Computer Science in just 4 years that included not only large amount of research, but also a practical implementation of the developed concepts.

His early career has been strongly associated with R&D within the Academy of Sciences of the former USSR. He started as a Senior Research Fellow specialising in Operating Systems for supercomputers but was soon asked to head an R&D Laboratory and Data Centre at the newly founded Program Systems Institute.

In 1988 Vladas switched from pure research to the industry where he has become a Scientific Research Director with the very first systems integration joint Soviet-French-Italian venture Interquadro.

After migration to Australia in 1991 Vladas joined OTC/Telstra R&D specialising in intelligent networks. In 1996 he became divisional CIO of Telstra’s Payphones Division, where over the next 4 years he participated in a number of major projects and initiatives, including 35,000 public payphones across Australia and the biggest smart cards project in Australia.  During this period he became an expert in smart cards and his expertise in this area has been recognised worldwide.

Vladas’ latest assignments include Regional Director of Technology of GTech (solutions for lotteries), CIO of the NSW Department of Public Works and Services and CTO of the Australian Centre for Advanced Computing and Communications (provision of supercomputing services and hosted/managed data centre services for commercial and Government clients) – where he has led a team that has delivered the very first over 1 TFlop supercomputer in Australia, CIO of the NSW Department of Housing, CIO of the NSW Transport Construction Authority.

In June 2012 Vladas was appointed as Deputy Group CIO of Transport for NSW. In December 2014 Vladas moved to WestConnex to setup and later - outsource IT function for Sydney Motorway Corporation.