Gary Ma

Chief Information Officer / BOC International


Gary Ma has enjoyed an extensive career in financial services that spans two decades and has included highly-challenging technology roles in various leadership capacities across both business applications and infrastructure domains. Prior to his current position as Chief Information Officer of BOC International (or BOCI, Bank of China's investment banking group), Gary gathered a wealth of experience from a range of international assignments that included Tokyo, London, Singapore and Beijing. It was in Beijing during the Olympic Games that Gary was responsible for designing, planning and overseeing the implementation of UBS Securities' entire technology and application infrastructure domestically in China. After completing his mission, Gary returned to UBS Hong Kong, and had since assumed various APAC regional head capacities of investment bank technology, emerging markets technology, infrastructure services and then APAC CIO. In late 2015, Gary joined BOCI where he currently enjoys his role of CIO and a member of the Executive Committee. He's now tasked to take BOCI technology offerings to the next levels, fully integrating business opportunities with FinTech capabilities and leveraging BOCI's strategic positioning as the leading Chinese global investment bank. With initiatives such as "One Belt, One Road" and continuous expansion of BOCI's global market, product and clientele footprint, Gary's new chapter will surely be challenging and rewarding at the same time.