Greg Wong

Director Analytics, Centre of Excellence BI / SAP


Mr Greg Wong has been in IT industry focus on Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse for more than 15 years. He is the very first Technical Consultant in Crystal Decision then acquired by BusinessObjects at 2003-Jul. SAP acquired BusinessObjects at 2007-Dec. He left SAP at end of 2010 and he was the Head of Business Intelligence and Information Management for Greater China. He has in-depth knowledge on SAP BusinessObject Business Intelligence Solutions and the Enterprise Information Management Solutions. He is a technical person but understand how important the solutions need to map into business in order to achieve the business value. He has been an advisory role on lots of strategic SAP customers during SAP BI implementation. He understand the tactic how to drive the BI success within the organization. After he left SAP, he has stayed in China, Shanghai act as a VP of Global Presales for a Chinese Enterprise Software Vendor (eBaoTech, to provide enterprise core insurance applications for insurance company around the world. He understand the BI value is all about business instead of product's features & functions. He has re-joined SAP at 2015-Sep as a Director Analytics, Centre of Excellence BI where he will focus on supporting SAP BI sales on those strategic accounts again. With his rich knowledge on both business & technical, he will provide lots of insight & value to SAP customers especially how to implement & adopt business intelligence strategically.

Mr Greg Wong graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University and major in Computer Science.