The Hon. Jillian Skinner MP

Minister for Health (NSW) / NSW Government

Jillian Skinner began her career as a journalist in Melbourne, becoming the first woman journalist on the Victorian Parliamentary Press Gallery.
She later worked as a journalist in Adelaide, Sydney and South East Asia before operating her own editorial, strategic planning and marketing consultancy.
She held the role of Director of the New South Wales Office of Youth Affairs and has served on bodies such as the New South Wales Women’s Advisory Council and the New South Wales Youth Advisory Council.

In 1994, Jillian was first elected to the NSW Parliament as Member for North Shore. She has been re-elected by the electorate six times.

Jillian has more experience in the health field than any other politician in Australia, having first been appointed Shadow Minister for Health in 1995.
In 2011, she was appointed NSW Minister for Health as well as the first dedicated Minister for Medical Research in the state or nation.

She served as Deputy Leader of the NSW Parliamentary Liberal Party for six years.

Jillian’s achievements as NSW Minister for Health include:
 -record health spending to deliver tens of thousands more emergency department treatments, hospital admissions and elective surgeries.
 -an unprecedented hospital building program which will exceed $10 billion in two terms.
 -devolving the NSW health system so Local Health Districts have responsibility for operational matters such as budgets, workforce and patient care.
 -greater engagement in decision making by clinicians and staff, which has boosted morale and encourages innovation and new models of care to flourish.