Jack Hondros

Chief Information Officer / Department of Planning

Jack Hondros has over 36 years’ experience within the WA Public Sector with a track record of successfully delivering many significant corporate projects and business reform initiatives.  He commenced in Government with the Public Works Department and Water Authority in 1987. Jack led a 14 month project to automate the Kalgoorlie to Perth water pipeline in 1980 including mainframe service telemetry and testing.  He then went on to lecture in WA Technical and Further Education Colleges in process control, electrical trades and electronic engineering subjects.  Entering the ICT industry in 1991 as IT Manager for North Metropolitan College of TAFE, Jack led the development of the new Joondalup College and developed new standards for data networking, educational computing requirements and the development of a new Multimedia Training facility. Jack later moved to Treasury and Finance as a Principal Consultant for ICT procurement and strategic projects and provided consultancy and project management for over 10 years within Government Procurement and Building Management and Works. In 2010 he led the development and implementation of the WA Government Campus Network as Program Director.  This project remains as one of Perth’s most prominent and successful ICT projects.  The first phase of master planning focussed on the decentralisation and consolidation of government office accommodation between 2010 and 2012. Jack led the ICT program and worked with 23 agencies to relocate almost 5000 public servants from 18 locations into 80,000 sqm of office accommodation in Gordon Stephenson House and the neighbouring heritage buildings, Optima Centre in Herdsman Park, and the refurbished Government owned Albert Facey House, Dumas House and Office of the Premier and Cabinet Room, and part of 151 Royal Street.