Mark Bentkower

Director of Solutions Marketing (Asia Pacific) / Commvault

Mark Bentkower, CISSP is the Director of Solutions Marketing, Asia-Pacific, for Commvault. Mark is a technology evangelist with a lifetime of practical experience actually doing the work in the datacentre. So he loves talking with Commvault’s customers and partners about getting maximum value from their hardware investments and looking at fractured datacentre as an opportunity break away from outdated ways of running operations and to innovate while still protecting the business and the bottom line.

An industry veteran with more than 25 years’ experience, Mark’s background includes roles that span: systems engineering, solutions architecture, ITIL practices, datacentre operations and security. Mark spent several years in Silicon Valley and had the opportunity to work with both small start-ups and large established organizations. Living in that culture was a real life practicum in rapid design, deployment, growth, business continuity and disaster recovery. Today he brings to bear his considerable experience of working with global customers such as:  HP, Nestle, Disney and Visa to Commvault’s largest accounts and prospects in the region.

Mark has been with Commvault for more than 8 years, during which time he has focused on large Enterprise pre-sales (USA), and since moving to Singapore in 2013 has taken a leadership role and served as Director of Systems Engineering for ASEAN. He enjoys living in Southeast Asia and spends his spare time exploring as much of the region as he can.