Moses Lo

Founder and CEO / Xendit

Moses grew up small Malaysian village where his whole family slept on the floor in the same room. Moses’ family moved to Australia where he represented Australia at Model United Nations competitions and began his career at the Boston Consulting Group.  Whilst there he built two profitable businesses in his rare spare time that took him towards his MBA at Berkeley.  At Berkeley he started Xendit by winning a hackathon by Andreessen Horowitz before joining YCombinator’s Summer 2015 class.

Today he is founder and CEO of Xendit which challenges how modern finance works in a mobile, millennial-driven world by providing a unified set of payments rails for other startups and tech business to grow quickly.  With Xendit, people can conduct commerce across the Indonesian archipelago instantly.  Xendit is the first Indonesian company to get into YCombinator and has raised funds from USA, Asian and Indonesian investors like Accel Partners.