SL Robert Liu

CEO & Founding Partner / Yintran Group


SL Robert Liu (劉曉黎先生) is the CEO & Founding Partner of Yintran Group (銀傳集團). Developed a HK e-wallet that allows anyone or any merchant to make or receive payment via mobile with bank-grade security.

Shandong decent (山東), born in Taipei (出生於台北), raised in Tokyo and the US (東京與美國長大). Spent last 20+ years in Hong Kong (家於香港). 

Engineering and banking for 20+ years in HK, NY, LA, and Silicon Valley. Graduate of W&M (High Honors), Stanford (Engineering), UCLA (MBA). Yintran brings innovation in the e-wallet experience. A Hong Kong based company, started and developed in Hong Kong, with focus on technology, security, design and innovation. Founders are seasoned banker, lawyer and engineer who have the passion in technology, design and innovation. Our mission is to allow people to money transfer with the lowest possible barrier.