Sylvia Sumarlin

General Chairman / Federasi Teknologi Informasi Indonesia (Indonesian Information Technology Federation)

Sylvia is well-known around the world of information technology because of its dedication given in fighting for chances to domestic industries to becoming the prod of the state the love to this world was started since Sylvia got the chance to work in the company of computer and partner technology in America. When she came back to Indonesia, Sylvia started internet world in 1995 and carried out education to society in the use of internet for the world of education.

Carried position in this field organization has been carried on including several times assigned as international judge in Asia Pacific Information Communication Technology award competition.

Sylvia’s carrier in developing human resources especially in the field of Design and Creation of broadband chipset has brought the works by Indonesians to win APICTA 2008 trophies. Currently, Sylvia is the General Chairman of Indonesia Information Technology Federation (FTOO) which is a primary organizations in the field of ICT. FTII becomes the head of many associations such as association of internet service establishment, computer equipment, software, cellular phone, animation, internet rental, e-commerce, secured smartcard.