Tracy Voice

Chief Information Officer / Ministry for Primary Industries

Tracy Voice has been with the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) in New Zealand for the past 5 years as Director, Business Technology and Information Services (CIO). Tracy has been instrumental in creating the right platforms and efficiencies for the Ministry to operate over this time. Tracy has recently established a Research, Technology and Innovation practice appointing unique expertise’s into her team with a primary focus to gain insights into emerging technologies that will disrupt traditional operating models within government. Tracy has been involved in the ICT Strategy and Action plan for NZ Government and two years ago led the All of Government Enterprise Content Management as A Service common capability which MPI now use allowing staff to transform the way they work and collaborate.
Tracy has over 20 years’ experience in a number of CIO and ICT roles. She was known as being an evangelist at NZ Post when she rolled out Google Enterprise across a state owned government enterprise. This attracted the interest of many as it was the 1st in NZ to move an entire enterprise into the cloud.
Tracy is the MPI Director on Datalinker Ltd which is a broker service connecting primary industry data across NZ. She is also a Board member of the Primary Growth Partnership with PPG Wrightsons Seeds and Grasslands Technology on a Seed and Nutritional Technology Initiative where the group are tackling climate change and mitigating the impact of droughts by developing innovative forages for New Zealand farms.