5th Annual FST Government Western Australia 2021

In partnership with QLD Government testing sub title
5 May - 6 May 2021

5th Annual FST Government Western Australia 2021
In partnership with QLD Government testing sub title

In partnership with Queensland Government

Digital loomed large on WA’s recently released 2020-21 state Budget, where the state overwhelmingly focused on post-Covid recovery. Among the centerpieces of WA tech investments is a ‘first of its kind’ cybersecurity operations centre, a game-changer for the state’s cyber defence, which is facing increasing threats from sophisticated state actors.

As a state with immense geographic and cultural complexity, technology plays an outsized role in WA’s social advancement, serving as a bridge to connect, support and even empower its disparate populations.For the WA Government, digital isn’t merely a window dressing, it is a vital mechanism to engage with and deliver better outcomes for its citizens.

Addressing these concerns and more, FST Government is delighted to host our fifth ever Western Australia conference in 2021. We invite esteemed technology and digital innovation thought leaders from the WA public sector to explore innovations and trends shaping the future of digital government.

Join us where we’ll explore:

  • Digital inclusion and the social capital of tech advancement
  • Whole-of-government digital transformation
  • Data governance and adaptive cybersecurity
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning
  • (ML) and the new face of augmented, predictive government
  • Agile-by-design methodologies
  • Cloud migration strategies & leveraging cloud to streamline agency back-ends & innovate the front
  • Omnichannel services and platforms
  • WA’s post-Covid response

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  • Start Date
    5 May 2021 9:00 am
  • End Date
    6 May 2021 1:00 pm
Chief Customer Officer
Department of Finance
A/ General Manager, Driver and Vehicle Services
Department of Transport
Chief Innovation Officer
City of Canning
Chief Digital Officer
Office of Digital Government
Director State Records
State Records Office of Western Australia
Information Commissioner
Office of the Information Commissioner
Former A/Director, Digital Health
Department of Health and Human Services
Innovation Lead, Government
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