More than 10,000 iPhones and iPads are being delivered to Police and Protective Services Officers under a Mobile Technology Project that is part of a $227 million modernisation program. 

More than 10,000 motorists sign up for an award-winning mobile app launched by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure. This app offers real-time data to manage congestion, road-blocks or accidents.

An online ChildStory project is being upgraded by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services. This initiative streamlines information exchange between organisations involved in childrens’ welfare.

Sydney FST Media Future of Insurance conference foreshadows wider uptake of big data, analytics, digital and mobile platforms. 

Water Corporation integrates IP telephony with omni-channels platforms to support frontline contact centres in Perth.

New report flags widespread adoption of big data to design, deliver and manage 21st century transport systems.

With an annual $1 billion ICT budget, WA seeks to be “smart” around technologies-of-choice. Track latest trends at the Perth FST Government Western Australia 16th March conference. 

The South Australian Office for Digital Government is brushing up its digital credentials. The state's “digital declaration” is spearheaded by Premier Jay Weatherill.

Transparent procurement choices are influenced by mobility, cyber-security planning, open data, and cloud-data centre integration.

The NSW government is moving to digitise a range of licences for driving, recreational fishing, gaming and the hospitality sector.