Strategies to Build Efficiencies into Your Supply Chain and Logistics Operationsand Logistics Operations


For businesses at the forefront of customer centricity, service delivery and cost efficiency, automation will almost certainly form an indispensable part of their operational processes. Robotic process automation allows logistics and corporate delivery organisations in particular to benefit from improvements in efficiency, business agility and revenue growth, reducing the dependence on manual processing and all but eliminating the costly fallout of human error.

This white paper outlines key areas where third party logistics (3PLs), carriers, retailers and manufacturing companies can replace manual repetitive work with new and innovative automation technologies.

What you'll learn:

  • Key recommendations for implementing next-generation efficiencies into your supply chain and logistics, reducing your dependence on inefficient manual processing
  • Essential tools to meet customer demands for track and trace and rapid delivery services
  • How to implement real-time monitoring of the supply chain, providing ongoing process checks of core business processes, as well as key external variables (such as weather conditions) that can impact delivery times
  • About user-friendly platforms that offer insight into trends and patterns in the supply chain, doing away with traditional static reports
  • A new approach to supply chain integration, harmonising existing internal IT systems with multiple, partner-facing B2B portals, providing seamless interaction between your business and your clients