Want better performance, provisioning and management of your storage infrastructure?

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In the age of fintech and advanced digital technologies, most BFSI companies have similar IT challenges. They centre on agility, performance, and cost. Everyone needs high performance, with the ability to scale quickly and efficiently.

Nasdaq had issues scaling storage services to internal customers with its traditional environment. Provisioning storage was a multi-step process with many background tasks.

Nutanix provided cost-effective hyperconverged infrastructure at 25% lower TCO versus the traditional mode. It has:

  • Reduced server footprint by 40%
  • Increased speed to market for new storage and computing resources – from weeks to hours
  • 2x improvement in query performance time
  • 2x improvement to index performance for handling events
  • 3x in responsiveness (latency)
  • 2-3x improvement in search performance