Citi hits 1 million biometrics banking clients

One million Citibank customers in the Asia-Pacific are active users of the bank’s voice biometrics authentication offering.

After launching in May 2016, Citibank is hitting one million users across its voice biometrics authentication offering in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Thailand, and the Philippines two months ahead of its expected schedule.

Citi, which became the first Asia-Pacific bank to launch voice biometrics last year, employed a unique tagged system for customers to identify their voice print, dispensing with the need for personal identification numbers (PIN).

Citi head of Asia-Pacific consumer banking, Anand Selva, said clients had responded well to the new technology.

“The rapid adoption of mobile and other digital channels has truly transformed how people bank and we are delighted that voice biometrics has proved such a hit with our clients,” he said.

“This milestone on voice biometrics authentication capability underscores Citi’s focus on technology to better serve our clients.”

Around 50 per cent of Citibank’s Asia- Pacific customers are active users of digital banking channels; the bank recorded revenues of $13.2 billion EBIT and net income of $4.9 billion and $3.3 billion respectively last year.



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