Napier, GRCS partner to deliver in Japanese market

Financial crime compliance firm, Napier, has partnered with Japanese governance and security firm, GRCS, to deliver its financial crime risk management platform, Napier Continuum, to the Japanese market.

The collaboration forms part of Napier’s broader strategy to cement third-party partnerships worldwide and leverage the expertise of regional partners to provide personalised compliance services aligned with local regulations, risk environments and standard requirements.

“In GRCS we have a partner with a strong reputation that understands not only the regional market, but also the technology,” Melissa Warren, Napier’s Global Head of Partnerships, said.

“By working with partners like GRCS we can ensure that our solutions can be fully leveraged by local companies.”

The Napier Continuum platform provides access to a range of financial crime compliance tools and products, including transaction monitoring, screening, and risk assessment tools, with direct access to third-party and proprietary applications such as AML, KYC, fraud and CRM systems.

GRCS will work with Napier to locally resell, implement and support the platform.

“With the complex regulatory environment in Japan, technology solutions like Napier Continuum are exactly what the market needs to keep up with the ever-evolving challenges of combatting financial crime,” Napier’s Head of APAC, Robin Lee, said.

“Through this partnership, we can better serve Japanese customers and significantly enhance their compliance capabilities.”

This comes as global money laundering and terrorist financing regulator, Financial Action Task Force (FATF), flagged Japan’s anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing strategy development as a major priority.

“With Napier’s advanced platform, we will be able to offer the highest standards of financial crime compliance to the local Japanese market and help clients meet regulatory best practices,” Joji Watanabe, Head of Business Developement at GRCS, said.

“The combination of Napier’s world-class technology and our regional expertise will give our clients full capabilities across the entire risk profile of their customers. We’re delighted to join up with Napier to supercharge our compliance efforts.”