Wipro launches enterprise artificial intelligence service


Wipro Limited has announced the launch of its enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) solution, Wipro Enterprise AI-Ready Platform, providing clients an interoperable solution to build their customised AI environments.

The announcement follows in the wake of Wipro expanding its multi-year partnership with IBM, first forged two decades ago, to leverage the latter’s watsonx AI and data platform, including watsonx.ai, watsonx.data and watsonx.governance alongside AI assistants.

The new service also provides a range of tools and services including large language models (LLMs), streamlined processes, and robust governance.

“This expanded partnership with IBM combines our deep contextual cloud, AI, and industry expertise with IBM’s leading AI innovation capabilities,” Jo Debecker, Managing Partner & Global Head at Wipro FullStride Cloud, said.

“The solutions we are creating as part of this partnership will help enterprises achieve new levels of flexibility when building their own enterprise-specific AI ecosystems. Our goal is to make AI consumption as efficient, agile, reliable, and sustainable as possible—ultimately, helping advance the adoption of enterprise-level AI.”

The partnership also sees Wipro and IBM fund the IBM TechHub@Wiprosolution, a program designed to support joint client works through a central group of subject matter experts, engineers, assets and processes.

“Wipro’s Enterprise AI-Ready Platform will allow clients to easily integrate and standardise multiple data sources augmenting AI- and GenAI-enabled transformation across business functions,” Nagendra Bandaru, Managing Partner and President at Wipro Enterprise Futuring, said.

“The service will provide clients with the flexibility and freedom to choose how they want to develop and deploy their large language models, giving them the option to use IBM’s existing models, co-develop their custom applications, or create their own models based on the foundational models and tools available on the platform. Further, clients will have the flexibility to run these models in their preferred cloud environment—whether that’s public, private, or hybrid.”

The new platform will provide the infrastructure and core software needed to promote the safe and secure use of AI, including “code-based configurations to enhance automation; dynamic resource management to dynamically adjust to varying workloads using predictive analytics; and helping drive improvements in incident reduction and operational efficiency in the enterprise”.

The company also said it “will support specialised industry use cases for banking, retail, health, energy, and manufacturing, providing conversational AI for customer support, customised marketing, customer feedback analysis, content generation and design optimisation”.