Challenges With Legacy Systems And The Approach To Safely Modernising

4 November 2022 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Sydney | Roam Digital
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Complimentary for FSI Executives

Join FST Media and Roam Digital for an invitation only, roundtable discussion and lunch.

A discussion centred around  Challenges with Legacy Systems and the Approach to Safely Modernising, with a selected group of Executive leaders, decision makers and leaders within the financial and banking sectors, including Amjad Sidqi, General Manager, Roam Digital, Australia & Venkatesh Arunachalam, Senior Partner, Roam Digital.

Many financial services and insurance leaders face challenges in augmenting legacy systems; from the business impacts of service outages closing customer channels & immobilising operational functions, to limiting the ability for organisations abilities to be agile & innovative.
Engaging external teams to update legacy systems often comes with limited oversight on update processes, as well as drawing from a decreasing amount of developers who understand and can work with these systems.

Roam Digital will lead a discussion on ways of overcoming these challenges, methods for safely modernising legacy systems, and provide insight into maintaining employee and customer engagement in a way that is both purposeful and profitable during your transformation journey.

Key talking points will include:

  • Identifying the starting points – Quantifying the issues with legacy systems
  • Addressing & anticipating the pitfalls of legacy systems – how experience has shaped our views and practices.
  • What are the options to address legacy systems
  • How to modernise legacy systems with ROI in months not years
  • Methods to kickstart your engagement – How to set up teams for success & understanding where to start can often be the biggest challenge.

Limited places available and Chatham House rules apply.

We would be delighted if you could join us for what promises to be an insightful and productive discussion.

For delegate enquiries:
Benjamin Harris
Delegate Acquisition Manager
T: +61 2 8484 0945