Customer Service Transformation Lessons from 2020 for the Financial Services Industry

9 December 2020 2:30 pm - 3:38 pm
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Twenty-twenty has been a year of disruption for businesses across the globe. The recent pandemic has been one of the biggest catalysts for the shift in strategy and transformation approach for the businesses. The Financial services industry which is usually recognised as a pioneer of innovations that keeps the industry ahead of the rest, has also suffered setbacks due to the pandemic. It is worthwhile to understand how the customer expectations are changing and how businesses need to transform to effectively serve this new era of consumers.

Register for this session to hear on:

  • What has COVID-19 taught Financial Services industry about their customer service delivery readiness? Where has the industry missed the mark?
  • Importance of a culture of trust and empathy in crisis
  • How does the future of customer service look like for the industry?
  • Role of ‘leadership readiness’ for an effective customer service transformation
  • The customer service imperatives for the industry in 2021 and the part technology will play in it.