Decrypting the Future: Challenges and Opportunities in Post-Quantum Cryptography

30 May 2024 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Canberra | Thales and Tech Data
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Attendance Is For Public Sector Employees Only

FSTGov is proud to present a pivotal, executive-led roundtable in partnership with global technology leaders Thales Group and Tech Data. This exclusive event is dedicated to unravelling the complexities of quantum computing and its profound implications for the future of cryptography.

Join us for an enriching peer-to-peer session that connects distinguished leaders across information security, machine learning, and cyber security landscapes. Together, we will dissect the critical challenges, trends, and breakthroughs shaping our digital world.

This invite-only discussion will be led by Andrew Walker, Regional Sales Manager – Defence and Matthew White, Sales Engineering Manager from Thales Group and will delve into the below discussion points:

  • Decoding Post-Quantum Cryptography: An essential primer on safeguarding data in the quantum age.
  • Algorithm Analysis: A comprehensive look at current post-quantum cryptographic algorithms, evaluating their strengths, vulnerabilities, and application suitability.
  • Challenges and Opportunities: Identifying the hurdles in developing and adopting Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) and pinpointing opportunities for collaboration and breakthroughs in the sector.
  • Integration Strategies: Best practices for embedding PQC solutions into legacy systems, alongside insights into regulatory and compliance considerations impacting implementation.

This exclusive session is designed to be an opportunity to promote thought-leadership exchanges and networking among guests, as well as a deep dive into top-of-mind issues, technology trends and shifts in data security.


Date: Thursday, 30th May
Time: 12.00 pm – 2.00 pm
Venue: The Boat House, Private Dining Room – Grevillea Park, 7 Menindee Drive, Barton ACT 2600


This session is designed exclusively for Chiefs, Executives, and Senior Leaders from Government Departments and Agencies. It aims to facilitate a high-level exchange of ideas and networking, allowing leaders to engage deeply with the pressing issues, technological shifts, and strategies in data security.

Special Features

Complimentary Luncheon: Delight in a curated luncheon at The Boat House, offering the perfect backdrop for networking and idea exchange in a private dining setting.

Embrace this unique opportunity to engage with peers and industry experts in a focused discussion on quantum computing’s impact on cryptography. Gain insights, explore collaborative opportunities, and prepare your organisation for the quantum future.

To participate as a speaker:
Aron Kunaseelan
Chief Operating Officer
T: +61 423 631 461
To participate as a speaker:
Brittini Raygo
Senior Conference Producer
T: +61 02 8484 0945