Digital Sovereignty in the Era of the Cloud – Brisbane Public Sector

11 May 2022 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Sydney | Thales
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This closed-door session will gather 8-10 Chiefs, Directors and fellow leaders from Queensland Government Departments and Agencies who work across IT, Technology, Infrastructure, Architecture, Cloud, Risk, Cyber, Data, and Security roles and projects to discuss how government agencies can achieve digital sovereignty with the challenges of migrating sensitive workloads to cloud. They will also explore what would be the possible future where cloud and digital sovereignty co-exist.

Further discussion points will cover:

  • What is digital sovereignty in the government domain?
  • How does digital sovereignty fit with cloud-first executive directives?
  • Do agencies need to retain control over cloud-hosted workloads and data, and if they do, what does this pragmatically look like?
  • How do we prevent cloud from becoming another iteration of technology debt? Have exit costs been factored in?