Driving Innovation at the Speed of the Customer

27 May 2021 11:00 am - 11:48 pm
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The challenge for many financial service and insurance providers is the speed with which they can deliver on business value and improve the customer experience. Experimentation and innovating with the delivery of these services is not even an option for some as delivery cycles tend to be long, drawn out and fail to meet the intended outcomes.

While these organisations have invested in products and training to improve their capability to build software the multi-million dollar failed initiatives are unfortunately all too common an occurrence. During this session we will outline the common pitfalls faced within the industry and some of the root causes to tackle.

This session will cover:

  • Common product development challenges
  • Solutions that are costly but don’t lead to the desired outcome
  • Root cause of development challenges and areas to invest in
  • Examples of how other organisations have invested in the right areas and seen great results

Amjad Sidqi, Director of VMware Tanzu Labs Sydney, Vmware
David Kari, Head of Solution Engineering VMware Tanzu, APJ, Vmware