Elevate customer and employee experiences with enhanced information visibility, control and compliance

15 October 2020 11:00 am - 7:13 pm
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This webinar discusses how the global pandemic has shaken up the financial services industry and highlighted the pressing need for their organisations to be digitally prepared not only for remote work, but also improve customer and employee experiences. By streamlining customer and product onboarding processes, they can increase revenue during economic uncertainty.

Learn how you can solve the common challenges faced by financial services organisations in this area, such as:

  • Manual, time-consuming document collection, complex review and signature processes.
  • Lack of robust controls, regulatory compliance (e.g. PII protection) and classification capabilities.
  • Lack of automation and overall visibility of processes, leading to stressful internal/ external audits, due to the potential risk of huge fines.

We will also share how we recently helped leading financial services organisations to eliminate process inefficiencies and significantly reduce their customer onboarding time by:

  1. Using intelligent capture to digitise, extract and compress multi-channel sourced handwritten and machine-printed documents;
  2. Consolidating all relevant customer/product documents in a centralised repository for a single source of truth;
  3. Providing solutions to ease and speed up the exception-handling process
  4. Simplifying document collection, review, and signature with 3rd parties;
  5. Archiving in a compliance vault all the data related to transactions to become audit-ready;
  6. Integrating with your CRM, Microsoft 365, or any other web application to provide a unified view of the customer to drive greater customer satisfaction and maximise sales capacity.

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