Everywhere Security: Secure your Business Everywhere Without Getting Buried in Complexity and Siloes

FST Government & Cloudflare | Wellington
2 May 2023 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Wellington | Cloudflare
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Attendance Is For Public Sector Employees Only

Join a roundtable discussion with FST Government & Cloudflare, along with 10-15 Senior leaders working across the Central & Local New Zealand Government, to discuss ‘Everywhere Security: Secure your business everywhere without getting buried in complexity and siloes

FST Gov are connecting a select group of senior Government & Public Sector leaders to discuss how to drive an agenda of transformation while reducing risk, securing with a hybrid workforce and managing workloads across omni & multi-cloud environments. Participants will explore best practices, gain key insights and hear from their peers about security issues & the measures to take in an environment where threats are relentless, talent shortage is affecting operational capacity, and vendor sprawl has heightened costs and increased complexities.  

Exploring the current state of Cloud Security across the NZ Local & Federal Government and how the right focus areas can help Chief Information Security Officers optimise security measures will be Fernando Serto, Chief Technologist, and Raymond Maisano, Head of ANZ Public Sectors, Cloudflare.  

This conversation will be guided by the following topic points 

  • Omni-Channel Protection: Security which accounts for vendor sprawl, hybrid workspaces, application networks, websites & evolving user and threat behaviors.
  • Protect & Accelerate Web Properties: API, Applications and Website defence strategies.
  • Global Threat Intelligence Networks: Unified cloud approaches to protect employees, applications, and networks.
  • Limiting Lateral Movement: Consider ways to mitigate risk of attacker and ransomware lateral movement and the network access concerns of VPNs.
  • Zero Trust: Simplify policy management, troubleshoot issues faster, and improve the end user experiences via zero-trust initiatives.

Chatham House Rules Apply. Reservations are reserved for invited guests, all attendance is complimentary.

Date: Tuesday, 2nd May 12pm till 2pm, Wellington

For delegate enquiries:
Benjamin Harris
Delegate Acquisition Manager
T: +61 2 8484 0945