FSTGov WA Digital Discussions 2022 – Session 1

12 October 2022 9:00 am - 10:45 pm

Register for Session 1 of this year's FSTGov Western Australia Digital Discussions.

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Register for Session 1 of this year’s FSTGov Western Australia Digital Discussions.

We’ll explore:

  • Scale versus speed of response: how do we handle transformation best amidst disruption?
  • How do we prioritise our ability to factor in changing customer needs and ongoing business transformation?
  • What enables us to successfully govern public development and innovation projects whilst moving at speed?
  • Understanding why centres of excellence are critical for organisation-wide transformation and how we equip end-users with the right skills and tools accordingly
Former Director, Digital Health
Department of Health and Human Services
Director, Digital Services & Innovation
Office of Digital Government
Digital Services Project Director
Office of Digital Government
Director Business Integration and Improvement team, People and Business Services
Department of Transport
Solutions Engineer
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