Government Security Strategies & Technologies to Protect the Nation

16 November 2023 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
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This informative and empowering session will be dedicated to enhancing the security of citizen-facing and cloud-based services, safeguarding both citizen and protected information, and fortifying critical infrastructures.

We will discuss:

  • Introduction to Essential 8 Maturity Model: Specifically looking at how this framework goes beyond mere backups to create a multi-layered defense system against cyberattacks.
  • The Critical Role of Backups: Why backups are the last line of defense in any cyber attack, as well as analysing why they are often the primary target and how protecting them can prevent data loss and ransomware payments.
  • ACSC’s No Ransom Mandate: The vital role of backups in ensuring compliance with this mandate.
  • Veeam’s Essential Eight Maturity Level Three & SOCI: Learn about Veeam’s capabilities in achieving Maturity Level Three within the Essential 8 framework and its alignment with the Security Operations Centre Implementation (SOCI) for enhanced security.

Who Should Attend:

• Federal Agencies

• State and Local Governments

• Primary Industry

• Cybersecurity Professionals

• IT Managers and Administrators

• Data Protection Experts

Senior System Engineer