How To Deploy Federated Identity In Days Not Months

22 September 2022 11:00 am - 5:17 pm
  • Days

The Digital Transformation journey many large organisations and government departments are on is challenging to say the least. Leaders are often constrained by legacy technologies; not well-integrated systems of records, all leading to significant traditional IT debt! They’ve learned over time that they cannot achieve their business growth goals using these existing, outdated technologies.

Optimisation and modernisation of these legacy technologies are really the foundation of digital transformation. This will provide an overall reduction of costs, and also greatly increase business agility. As they move towards Cloud adoption, business apps, and best-of-breed partners, there is a great opportunity for optimisation, particularly through consolidating to a central identity plane, connecting all of these various apps, and various partners, and increasing the mandate for centrally managed MFA. Not only will this provide increased visibility with the wider operational security team, but it will enable them to provide federated identity services in days, not months.