Leading Change: Delivering Value to Citizens Through Next Generation Apps and Cloud

28 October 2021 11:00 am - 2:37 am
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A key first step in any agency’s efforts to transform its business is the move to a modernised cloud-based IT infrastructure. These include private, hybrid and public cloud. Cloud-based IT is about the timely and effective delivery of new applications and enhancement of existing applications in internal data centres and in a growing range of shared public cloud facilities. Easy application migration and ongoing optimisation, management and cost of applications and data are critical.

Federal Government and Public Sector customers must play the leading role in moving the organisation to a cloud-based IT foundation that enables the timely and orderly migration and modernization of existing applications as well as their linkage to new applications, all without jeopardising reliability or data control. The benefits that organisations gain from a move to cloud-based IT include:

• Enabling agile resource delivery at all levels (development, IT systems, and data centres) so that the agencies can take early advantage of innovative technologies

• Utilising self-service functionalities across dedicated on-premise and shared cloud environments to ensure consistent deployment of resources and migration/movement of applications to align with changing business requirements

• Automating/offloading the IT “chores” associated with deploying, maintaining, and updating compute, storage, and network assets so that internal IT personnel can focus on more strategic tasks of service creation, data control, governance and security

This webinar will provide insights on how agencies are able to dramatically reduce the time and cost associated with migrating/moving applications between on-premise infrastructure and public cloud infrastructure. This ability allows them to optimise the placement of workloads for cost and performance while also allowing them to refactor existing applications to take advantage of new cloud capabilities without disrupting business initiatives.


  • Simon Caruso, Client Technology Director, Federal Government & Public Sector, VMware

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