Meeting Cyber Security Imperatives in a Recessionary Environment, FST Media & Amazon Web Services Roundtable

14 March 2023 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Melbourne | AWS
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Complimentary for FSI Executives


Join a roundtable discussion with FST Media & Amazon Web Services, along with 10-15 Senior leaders working across Financial Services, to discuss ‘Meeting Cyber Security Imperatives in a Recessionary Environment’

The 2023 spending priorities of major Australian companies changed even before the last quarter of calendar 2022, following news of cyberattacks against Optus, and later Medibank. 

Those two cyberattacks and others which have followed have moved cybersecurity from being a third or fourth ranked issue for Australian companies to being a first rank issue even at a time when many companies are seeking to contain costs amid warnings of recessionary conditions. 

In this session, we will discuss: 

  • Cloud security: How data and information can be more safely held on the cloud supported by the level and breadth of investment directed towards public cloud platforms.  
  • Mitigating risk: Bringing sensitive information to a cloud construct can be a risk mitigant when following good practice due the nature of the services available to secure it against cyber-crime.  
  • Containing costs: Security concerns are coming at a time when many companies are seeking to contain costs across their cloud investments amid warnings of recessionary conditions 
  • Satisfying board requirements: Financial services companies are now getting pressure from their boards via c-suite executives to achieve top-down cost reduction targets, meaning they have to find ways to do more, with less. 

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Chatham House Rules Apply. Reservations are reserved for invited guests, all attendance is complimentary.

Date: Tuesday, 14th March, 2023, Melbourne