Onboarding, Verifying, and Authenticating Users to Save Millions in Fraud – FST Media & Daon

2 March 2023


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Complimentary for FSI Executives


Join a roundtable discussion with FST Media & Daon, together with 10-15 leaders from across Banking, Insurance, Retail, Aviation and Public Sectors to discuss Onboarding, Verifying, and Authenticating Users to Save Millions in Fraud’. 

With a series of highly publicised data breaches & cyber security incidents throughout 2022, it is imperative Public & Private Sectors ensure their systems are secure at all phases of interactions with citizens, users & customers. How do you protect against identity thieves, meet strict regulatory requirements, and save millions each year—all while delivering both uncompromising security and unfettered customer convenience in every channel? 

Together guests will explore the below conversation points: 

  • How Customer ID verification can be seamless and painless   
  • Onboarding customers and staff remotely  
  • Continuous authentication to prevent ID related fraud  
  • AML, biometric watchlists and using data to securely identify customers  
  • Is your identity system a competitive strength?  

We look forward to exploring how trusted digital identity helps to protect and enhance customer and citizen services, can save you from potential fraud, and signal positive steps towards anti-money laundering compliance measures. If you are unable to attend, please consider providing a referral from within your department, team or division who can attend in your place. 

Date & Time: Thursday 2nd March, 12pm – 2pm 

Please request a reservation from darrena@fst.net.au by February 15th.

Chatham House Rules Apply. Reservations are reserved for invited guests, all attendance is complimentary.

Date and Time: Thursday, 2nd March, 2023, Sydney, NSW

For delegate enquiries:
Darren Adams
Bespoke Events Manager
T: +61 2 8484 0918