Rising to the Cyber Challenge: Unlocking Opportunities and Forging a Cyber-Resilient Australia

FST Media & F5 | Sydney
30 August 2023 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Sydney | F5
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Complimentary for FSI Executives

Join a roundtable series with FST Media & F5 Networks

Given the interconnectedness of the banking, finance and payments systems to the whole economy, sector-wide cyber-resilience exercises are critical for the safety of all Australians and the finance sector itself” – Anna Bligh, Australian Banking Association.

This roundtable will address these concerns through a high-level discussion on how financial institutions can develop strategies to stay ahead of the cybersecurity threat curve. The discussion will be two-fold. One aspect will include guests sharing best practice approaches within their departments and teams. Then we’ll dive deeper by covering infrastructure and resource-based approaches that enable cyber proactivity and resilience at an operational level.

Our partners F5 will delve into the ongoing critical considerations and emerging requirements taking us into 2024. A key priority will be sense-checking the latest tools, approaches and requirements that will make a positive impact on:

  • Ensuring security needs are met when decentralising into virtual environments.
  • Navigating significant issues associated with the unprecedented speed of digitisation in agile methodologies and DevOps.
  • Plugging the skills gap: immediate and short-term alternative solutions to move toward long-term needs.

We’re delighted to announce the attendance of Chris Mohan, General Manager, Threat Research and Intelligence and Security Controls from Telstra. He will be sharing insights on Telstra’s cyber security projects and the state of the cyber threat landscape.

Date and Time: Wednesday, 30th of August, 12pm till 2pm, Sydney| Invitation list: 10-15 Chiefs and Executives working in IT, Cyber, Security, Technology and Transformation portfolios.

Details: Reservations are strictly limited and reserved for Financial Service Executives. All food and beverage is complimentary. Chatham House Rule apply.