Create Secure Experiences, Fight Fraud

5 May 2022 10:00 am - 10:23 pm
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With both the threat actor and customer experience landscapes rapidly evolving, it’s increasingly important for security professionals to create secure services with minimal friction.

This discussion will bring Security and Customer Experience leaders together with former FBI agent and CIA cyber operations officer, Dan Woods.

This discussion will explore:

  • Can we create frictionless experiences without sacrificing security?
  • How can security teams effectively collaborate with different business units to create secure seamless experiences?
  • How can user activity can be tracked to prevent fraud?
  • How can 2FA and multi-stage detection programs prevent fraud? Can attacks be stopped in real time, or is retrospective analysis required?
  • What risks do financial aggregators pose as the Open Banking sector grows?
  • What can we observe and learn from the increase in fraudulent account openings and phishing scams in the US market over the past two years?

Join FST and F5 as we discuss how cyber security and customer experience are critical to preventing fraud today’s cyber landscape.

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Global Head of Intelligence
CISO, Head of Technology Risk
Great Southern Bank
Deputy Chair
Australian Information Security Association
Head of Information Security