How to Successfully Innovate Within the Realm of Legacy Tech (Financial Services NZ)

23 June 2022 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Auckland | New Relic
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Who is this session for?

Chiefs and Heads of IT, Transformation & Technology across the New Zealand financial services and insurance industry.

What is this session about?

This session will facilitate the exchange of insights on what the concept of achieving a true digital transformation for the modern enterprise really looks like. Getting out of the data centre, into the cloud, and retiring tech debt is all well and good if you’re a small, agile start-up, but that mode of thinking simply cannot be adopted to larger institutions overnight.

So how do large scale enterprises in the sector successfully innovate?

The discussion will further touch on:

  • How you can deliver compelling digital customer experiences without pulling technological stacks apart and starting again from scratch;
  • Overcoming legacy technology to innovate and grow within the constraints of current environments; and
  • How large-scale institutions within the sector successfully adapt entrenched processes to meet market needs.

Places are limited.