The Art of Balancing Security with User Experience

24 March 12:00 pm - 24 March 2:00 pm

Melbourne | Zscaler
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When it comes to business evolution, the financial services industry can be staid: Strict data-privacy requirements, low risk tolerance, and regulatory constraints can all foster resistance to change.

Typically, IT organisations resolve an underperforming network with additional infrastructure. This not only adds further complexity and cost but also increases security risks. As organisations travel further down the path of “feeding the dinosaur,” they become less agile, innovative, and competitive.

However, innovators haven’t let operating pressures slow their progressive approach to infrastructure innovation. They have transformed their application suite from on-premise to cloud-based, reducing reliance on legacy architectures to take advantage of both application-containerizing functions and new application capabilities.

On the day we will be joined with Heng Mok, CISO at APJ Zscaler (former CISO of AGL and Principal Security Architect at NAB) to explore how the cloud can enable a balance between security and user experience by:

  • Modernising infrastructure through replacing legacy IT with simple, secure, cost-effective broadband connectivity
  • Reducing the surface for attack with SASE and zero trust network access (ZTNA)
  • Using integrated digital experience monitoring to provide users with a consistent access experience regardless of device, app, or location.