Understanding ‘Shift Left’: Mitigating Service Delivery Risk through Digital Channel Visibility & AI Operations in Omni-cloud & on-premises Environments – FST Gov & Dynatrace

9 February 2023 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Canberra | Dynatrace
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Attendance Is For Public Sector Employees Only


Join a roundtable discussion with FST Government & Dynatrace, together with 10-15 leaders from across the Federal Public Sector to discuss ‘Understanding ‘Shift Left’: Mitigating Service Delivery Risk through Digital Channel Visibility & AI Operations in Omni-cloud & on-premises Environments’. 

Who’s invited: 10-12 Chiefs, Directors, and fellow leaders involved in Digital, Technology, Information Management, Risk, Cloud, Architecture and Operations and Transformation roles across Australian Government Departments and Agencies. 

With a move towards dynamic multi-cloud environments, coupled with the use of existing on-premises architecture, there has been an influx of data available to Departments and Agencies to create seamless citizen interactions digitally. With this, there has been increased complexity in the management and use of data, coupled with the need to account for inherent and evolving risk opportunities.

The need for delivering flawless digital interactions, whilst maintaining a high level of security, has skyrocketed in order to meet the expectations of users, citizens and regulatory bodies.

Join us in this interactive session to discover how to manage cloud complexity at scale, ensure existing systems meet new risk & compliance requirements, and hear from your peers and industry leaders on how to transform Australia’s Public Sector’s approach to cloud, applications and hybrid environments. 

In this session, we will discuss:

      • How agencies gain insight into their citizen applications and the end-to-end service
      • Learn how other government agencies improve customer experiences by monitoring and optimising critical business processes
      • Recognising issues impacting customers and customer-facing staff before they become problematic
      • Reduce challenges in a multivendor multi supported environment with clear visibility of applications across all component 

Please request a reservation from andrew.hamilton@fst.net.au by January 29th.

Chatham House Rules Apply. Reservations are reserved for invited guests and Federal Public Sector employees, all attendance is complimentary.

Date and Time: Thursday, 9th February, 2023, Canberra ACT

For delegate enquiries:
Benjamin Harris
Delegate Acquisition Manager
T: +61 2 8484 0945