Advancing Digital Transformation & CX Innovation to Cope with Unplanned Service Demands

10 June 2020 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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COVID-19 has tested systems and structures across the financial services industry. Unplanned volumes and unexpected customer needs have increased exponentially, meanwhile teams are working remotely and unable to rely on tribal knowledge across teams and manual ways of getting issues resolved.  It’s clear that digital transformation needs to drive more than mere engagement with customers; it needs to connect the middle office work teams where issues actually get solved.  With the right tools, FSIs can allow their customers to self-serve for the simple but important service requests and not make them wait on extended call centre queues, and quickly scale when the unexpected happens.

Highlights of the webinar:

  • Allow customers to help themselves and avoid calling for standard requests
  • Connect front office teams to the middle and back office where work gets done in digital workflow that accelerates resolution times
  • Build a customer-empowered and outcomes-focused ecosystem
  • Create a digital customer service experience with end-to-end visibility that empowers service agents and bankers to focus more closely on customers

Featured Speakers:
Elisha Harrington, Senior Director, Chief Innovation Office, ServiceNow
James Woodward, General Manager Enterprise Operations, Kiwibank
Niamh McPherson, Lead Partner, Technology Optimisation & Transformation, Deloitte
Adam Dougall, Digital Customer Workflow Specialist, ServiceNow