Avoiding the pitfalls of digital transformation – journeying towards compliance by design

28 July 2020 11:00 am - 10:30 pm
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Today’s financial firms face the two-fold challenge of ensuring demonstrable compliance whilst enabling work on platforms which support fast and flexible thinking. Compliance – often labelled as “cumbersome, extra overhead” for financial firms – is no doubt key to operating successfully in a highly-regulated environment; yet, it’s no secret that businesses will fall behind if they fail to design products and go-to-market quickly.

More and more, financial firms are also racing to transform digitally, either by going wall-to-wall with new solutions or targeting specific areas to revamp traditional processes.

Against this backdrop, how can organisations create well-designed processes which facilitate embedded compliance?

Tune in on Tuesday 28 July 11am AEST / 1pm NZST / 9am SGT to hear insights on how to achieve a successful digital overhaul, and how financial giants worked have enabled compliance by design, including:

  • Responding well to a rapidly-changing regulatory landscape
  • Leveraging auditable and transparent tools to enable demonstrable security
  • Increasing efficiency to reduce manual tasks and free up staff for higher-value activity
  • Overcoming pitfalls in pre-empting, avoiding and effectively reporting breach

Featured Speaker

Lucy McLelland, Senior Solution Engineer, Conga